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What's Your Story?

Discover your story with mindfulness practices.

Creating opportunities & spaces to be all of you. Inspiring Experiences provides resources and products to guide you on a self-discovery journey. We help you find clarity in your story using mindful & mental wellness techniques.

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The StoryCards Journal

A Mindful Journal for Healing, Clarity & Meaningful Connection

The StoryCards Journal offers a 6-month self-care and mindfulness experience to help you start your clarity journey.

Each month includes 3 weeks of journaling with the fourth week intentionally omitted for resting, resetting, and reflecting before entering the next month.  

The StoryCards Journal
• 100 Pages!
• 6-Month Journal Experience
• 20 StoryCards
• Weekly Mindful Moments
• 25 Ways to Find Your Calm
• Positive Affirmations & more!


60+ Mindfulness Journal Prompts & Conversation Starters

StoryCards were created to guide you on a self-discovery journey to help you find clarity and promote mental wellness in your life.

With StoryCards, you can begin to unpack and understand your experiences and recognize that you have a story and one worth sharing!

Benefits of StoryCards
• Encourage you to turn self-care into daily practice.
• Motivate you to self-reflect, reset & move forward
• Inspire you to make yourself a priority
• Teach you to build empathy & compassion
• Empower you to create space for yourself
• Help you gain clarity

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Uncover You Workbook

How to Craft Your Untold Story

Uncover You is a self-exploration guide created to help you gather new insights about yourself, gain mental clarity, organize your thoughts, and share your story.

Goals of Uncover You
• Craft your story
• Align your values, passions, and life experiences
• Realize you have a story worth sharing
• Share your story with others

Start experiencing a world where more stories are being told authentically, vulnerably, and confidently. Build and become part of a community and world where we own our power and tell our stories the way we want to tell them.

Own Your Power. Share Your Story.

No one can tell your story better than you.

We understand how important and how challenging it may be to connect the dots and figure out your story on your own. Our stories are ever-changing and sometimes we aren't sure what to focus on or what to share with others.

Let's be story partners!

Together, we'll pinpoint your key experiences and moments, uncover your values, and outline the steps to achieve your goals to craft your story and leave you feeling empowered to tell it the way you want it told.

Human Being vs.
Human Doing
Through a combination of conversations and interviews, we'll work with you to begin understanding who you are at your core. After all, we're human beings not human doers!
Uncover & Strategize
In our strategy sessions, we'll dig deep to uncover each significant element that will help you share an authentic and compelling story with your audience (event attendees, readers, followers, family, friends, etc.).
Craft Your Story
The final phase is where we pull it all together and make sense of how all of your experiences, values, and goals align. We'll craft your full story and begin to take the first steps towards sharing with your audience.

Our Services

Who We Help & What We Do

We help individuals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders uncover their most authentic selves to share impactful stories.

Let's Connect!
The StoryLab
Our StoryLab intensive guides you through your experiences, key life moments, and motivates you to uncover your values as you develop your story.

StoryLab Objectives
• Uncover the power of your story

• Gain a stronger, more open sense of self

• Clarify your values and experiences

• Develop authentic relationships

• Connect with your audience

• Develop a story framework

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Workshops & Speaking
• Personal Growth and Development through Story

• Story Sprint

Leadership Stories

• Building Empathy

• Storytelling as a Tool for Relationship Building

• Impact Stories for Nonprofits and Businesses

*Custom Workshops Available
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Consultations & Services
• Story Sessions

• Content/Story Strategy

• Digital Media Marketing

• Public Relations

• Event Strategy
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Our Story Services

We help individuals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders uncover their most authentic selves to share impactful stories with their audience.

Our 5-Week StoryLab Program guides you through your experiences, key life moments, and motivates you to uncover your values as you develop your story.

Program Objectives
• Understand the purpose and power of story
• Uncover your personal values
• Understand your audience
• Develop a framework to focus your story
• Structure your story to share it with others
• Develop a stronger sense of self
• Increase your ability to engage and inspire others
• Better understanding of the story of self, us, and now

General Services and Support
• Email/Social Media/Digital Content Strategy
• Website Content Strategy/Writing
• Public Relations Strategy
• Storytelling Interviews
Available Workshops
• Leadership Story Development
• StorySprints (45-min session to begin your story development)
• Building/Leading with Empathy (In the workplace & community)
• Personal Storytelling as a Relationship Builder
• Marketing & Storytelling (For Nonprofits, Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs)

*Other Workshops Available Upon Request*
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