Poem: What is your truth?

Originally published April 20, 2020

What is Your Truth?

I only know my experience.

My inner focus.

My peace.

My love.

My sadness.

My joy.

I ask myself what is my truth?

Around me is fear.

And worry.

And sickness.

And conspiracy.

And panic.

And death.

I sit in the nooks and crannies of my heart and pull out what I know to be true.

I surround myself with the last piece of love that I saved for myself — and I give it away.

I held onto it long enough.

Long enough for it to harvest the magnificent power it was intended for — I let it be born.

Into a realm of utter destruction and peril knowing that it can heal.

I let it be born into the minds of those who know it not.

I let it be born into a world of darkness.

I let it be born.

Because this love is light.

I allow it to seep into the pores of the earth.

I nourish it with my tears.

It grows.

It spreads.

I ask myself what is my truth?

I know nothing of hate but all of pain.

I am breathing.

My breath reminds me that I am alive.

My mind is not well.

It fills itself with massive doubts and infinite imaginations of a life un-lived.

My heart aches.

What is my truth?

Truth is — I am all I know.

I sit with that.

I let it sink into my quietest place.

I let it simmer.

I am all I know.

I am uncertain on the surface.

It shows.

I am scattered.



Internally bold.


I am not afraid.



My truth is fragmented.

Me. I’m fragmented.

Living in love and the unknown.

Settling in uneasiness to know the pain.

Feeling each and every emotion known to man.

What is my truth?


I open myself to love and to be loved.

I am hidden.

Hindering myself from being loved.

Truth is — I am human.

Waking each day to learn.

To build.

To love.

To grow.

To try again.

Truth is — I am grateful to try again.

And again.

And again.

Until I get it right.

And I never will.

But it’s worth the try.

What is my truth?

I am reborn in each dawn.

Each breath.

Each moment.

And I hold each birth pelvic close to ground myself and remind my heart that I am a vessel and a messenger of life.

What is my truth?

I am a stream of unconscious consciousness.


Always in motion.

Even when I’m sitting still.

Truth is — I am all I know.

I am everything.

and nothing.

I am neither here.

nor there.

But I do exist.

What is my truth?

My truth is ever-evolving but it always remains.

Truth is — I am all I know.


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